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How to Chase and Monetize Your Passion

Effective Way Chase and Monetize Your Passion

How to Chase and Monetize Your Passion


How to chase and monetize your passion is the best ebook that everyone must read to succeed in their lives. Everyone has a passion. It often manifests during childhood and is pursued through play or stumbled upon as we age but almost immediately put aside for more practical things like work and building a family. 

Children are free to actively pursue the things that interest them, but as they age they are encouraged to go after more practical pursuits often putting their passion aside. However, it isn’t impossible or impractical to continue to follow your passion even as you age. Doing what you love even as a hobby can go a long way to living a life that you enjoy. 

There was a time when people weren’t encouraged to follow or even consider passion when living their lives. Survival was the most important and that often meant working from sun up to sundown with only room for sleeping and eating. Things like hobbies and passion weren’t discussed or even considered because there was no room for it.

Now that you have these three lists, review them. You may notice some similarities between the lists. Take note of the similarities. If you’re a fan of colour-coding, you can colour-code them or you can just make a separate list. The similarities you discover will lead you down the road to pursuing your passion. In fact, you may find some passions that are ripe for you to begin exploring right away. 

However, don’t throw away the other lists. Keep them in a safe place that you can easily access. Some of the other things on your list may be worth exploring at a later date. Even if it’s interest on one list, it could still take you down a path to your passion. The cool thing about passions is that they can often lead to other things you really enjoy.

Many of the things we’re passionate about aren’t really the most practical things to do when you grow up and become a “responsible” adult (Let’s be honest. Who actually feels like a responsible adult when you become one?). Once you’ve settled into “real life” and started working and taking care of all of the not so fun adult responsibilities, you may find it challenging to do things that don’t contribute to your personal bottom line. 

It may feel indulgent to take time off to do things like fly kites or write short stories when they don’t directly contribute to maintaining your household. So while you may do them occasionally, they will often be put off when more pressing “responsible” concerns arise like having to take the car in for repairs or take the kids to their extracurricular activities.

Once you’ve identified the practical skills behind your passion pursuit, you can consider having it make money for you. The really cool thing about any kind of specialized interest is that other people out there share that interest. When your interest is really unique, it can be a very niche market but those people are also often very involved in their unique interests. But even if your passion is in a more general arena, there are ways to make money from it. In this ebook, you will learn to monetize your passion which is most important.

Ebooks are a great way to share your knowledge about a topic easily and independently. Typically, ebooks aren’t expected to be hundreds of pages long which make them much easier to write than a novel. The length isn’t as important as the quality of information but it should be more than just a few pages to make sure the buyers of it feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth. 

As you know, many people purchase and read ebooks (like you’re doing right now!) on their computers, smartphones or tablets on a regular basis. The key is to ensure that the information being provided is valuable. Even if you’re writing on a topic that you’re very knowledgeable about, do some research to make the book the best it can be.

For example, if your passion is writing short stories, you can make money by writing short stories for other people. If it takes you three days to write and edit a complete story and you work on your stories Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm, you would only be able to churn out about 1.5 stories a week. If somehow the word got out and 5 people asked you to write a story a piece and they were all due in one week, you’d end up working a lot of overtime or have to turn away potential clients. This business model is not built to scale.

The above is just a glimpse of this ebook. Enter into this ebook to find out the hidden secrets of your passion and ways to monetize the passion you love. 


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