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How to Get Success in Multi Level Marketing

 The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Level-Marketing

How to Get Success in Multi Level Marketing


Do you want to set up your own business? Your present job is not enough? Are you failed to become best marketer? Are you not satisfied with your current sales figure? Do you feel that your salary is too low but your effort is more? Are you planning to switch to a new business? Planning to sell your own product just from home? How if you become your own boss! 

If you need answers to all the above questions then this free ebook is just for you. After reading this ebook you will come to know how to get success in multi-level marketing. This is the ultimate guide to knowing how to crack multi-level marketing. 

Multi-level Marketing, or MLM, is a marketing strategy which creates a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. The sales force is compensated not only for their own sales but also for the sales of the people they help recruit. Firms, having a large product base, often cannot employ an equivalent sales force; and believe they would be better off without the traditional approach. Hence, they implement MLM to survive competition from multinationals.

MLM is also known as Network Marketing because it utilizes a network of individual customers to hit other potential customers. In other words, every individual customer serves as a sales representative.

An MLM opportunity, having a wide-spread network, brings greater growth prospects as members become eager to introduce more people. Furthermore, those present higher up in the network are encouraged to share their experiences with those subordinating them. This is because improvements in the performance of new entrants and subordinates will result in higher profits for the seniors.

Highlighting the scope of Multi-Level Marketing, Michael L. Sheffield, the CEO of Sheffield Research Network, direct selling and MLM consulting firm, in his Direct Sales Journal, issue of Feb / Mar 1999, wrote an article titled "Comp Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM Compensation Plans" in which he maintained that MLM has introduced a paradigm shift in the traditional direct selling business and with the internet revolution the success of MLM companies have raised many folds. He further cited the statement produced by Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association that MLM had gone from 25 per cent of Direct Selling Association membership in 1990 to 77.3 per cent in 1999.

Once your sales rep get enough number of customers at will and generates sufficient sales, it is time for you to train them to get a sales rep. Your job as a leader has now multiple dimensions such as generating further sales, training people to become sales rep and training the sales rep to train future people as a sales rep. The focus of your efforts will again depend on your commission plan, you as a marketer would off course concentrate your efforts where you can get higher commissions.

Although the Multi-Level Marketing business has very sound opportunities and prospects of growth and success, however, statics reveals that most of the people who enter this endeavour face though hurdle. A study reveals that almost eighty-five per cent of the MLM companies fail within the first eighteen months. Hence for a person, it is essentially vital to start this business prudently.

Essentially important is to look at the company, see how it does business. Is it on ethical grounds? Check out its track record. Find out whether it has a stable track record and identify whether the company’s values match up with yours. It is essentially important for long term presence in the Multi-level marketing industry.

In a nutshell, a good company comprises of people who are committed to products that actually help make people’s lives better, which see their distributors as their assets and have promising compensation plans that pay well in return of efforts, that train their people and are always there to help their people. Hence if you follow the above important steps, you will be able to select a good MLM company that will guarantee your success as a multi-level marketer.

The advocates of multilevel marketing describe MLM as the more efficient and effective means of marketing and generating leads and sales to your business. But the traditional marketing companies feel reluctant to adopt new network marketing strategies in order to run their business. Also, most people don’t even understand exactly the differences between both strategies. This is the reason why we have dedicated this chapter to explore the difference between multi-level marketing and traditional marketing strategies.

Thousands of MLM companies are operating in the world today, but most of them vanish with time. New companies keep coming and exiting the market. Only the companies that are great can retain long term existence. It is essentially important to find out which companies are successful MLM’s? What are their characteristics? How a company can ensure the success of its MLM strategies.

Without wasting time let dive into this ebook " How to Get Success in Multi-Level Marketing "


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